Sunseeker founders

It all started in 1970…

Inspired by our founders – Warren and Vicky McKinney’s surfing and sailing experiences in the glittering Caribbean Sea, Sunseeker was born by the beach in sunny Scarborough, Australia. Warren and Vicky poured their personal experiences and untameable passion for the ocean into the Sunseeker brand, with Vicky dreaming of waves and designing for other sea lovers in her beachside apartment. Sunseeker believes in a style for every shape, with quality textiles and patterned pieces embracing each curve for the most flattering fit. From signature separates to classic one-pieces, every swimsuit is designed with comfort and support in mind. Whether it is an elevated basic or exuberant print, every piece is crafted for women to move with confidence and poise.

Sandy beach with beach chairs

Memories of summers

We make swimwear that lasts, for you to make memories of summers past and seasons ahead. Our swimwear accompanies women on all adventures, through exhilarating surfing expeditions and lazy beachside lounges.

Sunseeker’s presence has rippled from Australia to faraway shores, and continues to make waves at home and abroad. Our collection of swimwear and accessories can be found in select retailers worldwide in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Beautiful view of Caribbean waters in Scaraborough Bluffs

Inspired by their adventures in crystal clear Caribbean waters, founders Warren and Vicky McKinney start Sunseeker in Western Australia

Colourful and quality fabrics from Italian mills

Working closely with Italian mills, Sunseeker makes headlines for being one of the first companies to develop and use its own quality textiles

Woman in Sunseeker swimwear

The brand revolutionises swimwear with groundbreaking swimwear separates

First place ribbon

Sunseeker receives the Australian Fashion Award for Swimwear in 1989, and annually from 1991 to 1994

First place gold medal

The brand receives the Western Australian Fashion Award for Gymwear/Swimwear in 1994 and 1995

Paper airplane

Internationalisation and overseas expansion

Shopping mall interior

Sunseeker launches in Europe at Intimate London and is swiftly bought by various high street establishments, including Harrods and Scandinavian outlets

Canadian flag

The brand launches in Canada

International flags

Sunseeker expands further and enters Holland, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, and Greece

Airplane model on world map to signify travel

The brand enters Taiwan, Korea, and Dubai

Our Values

Sunseeker has grown over the past half-century from Warren and Vicky’s beachside dream into an established heritage swimwear brand stocked in international retailers, including major department stores and special boutiques. Featured in remarkable articles and editorials internationally, from regional magazines to industry publication The Swimwear Yearbook, we continue to design and produce sustainably for every woman and every adventure through the years. Warren and Vicky support our management and creative teams from their leisurely Caribbean retreat, finally enjoying the tropical breeze and powdery sand after decades of hard work on the brand.

  • Conscious

    We are CONSCIOUS about our social and environmental impact and actions to reduce them

  • Passionate

    We are PASSIONATE about improving the sustainability of our practices and our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.

  • Recognise

    We RECOGNISE our position to influence our suppliers and partners to be more environmentally friendly and operate sustainably.

  • Inspire

    We aim to INSPIRE our customers in making sustainable consumer choices and to encourage a circular fashion movement in our region.

Retail Presence

Our collection of swimwear and accessories can be found in select retailers worldwide, including Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK, the US, Turkey, Ukraine. Europe represents more than 60% of our growth outside Australia, while Asia and North America are witnessing considerable growth in tandem.

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