At Sunseeker, we care about more than the sea and sand — we care about our earth too, and we are on a journey to reduce our environmental footprint at every step of our processes. We recognise that every action counts in our efforts against the ongoing climate crisis, and that we have a responsibility to make positive changes in our operations and supply chain. By designing, producing, and selling sustainably, we hope to inspire more conscious shopping habits and responsible buying behaviours in our customers.

People swimming in the ocean

Our Goals

Sunseeker is committed to inspire its customers to make sustainable choices We aim to inspire a shift towards more conscious shopping by increasing our sustainable fashion assortment.

Our green efforts

International Standards, Certifications, and Measures

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification
  • Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) – Recycled Claim Management Certification
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – Global Recycled Standard Management Certification
  • Sustainability Apparel Coalition (SAC) – Higg Index – Facility Environmental Module (FEM) Verified

Sunseeker and Sustainability

By 2023, we aim to produce more than 20% of our apparel assortment from recycled materials in accordance with the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS). We are working towards this aim by reducing the usage of conventionally-produced fabrics in our manufacturing and production processes. Instead, we are sourcing more sustainable alternatives such as recycled nylon and polyamide made from pre-consumer material to encourage circular fashion. Pre-consumer material consists of waste material generated during the manufacturing process.

According to the RCS and GRS:

Sunseeker bikini material meet ISO definition of recycled

Materials are proven to meet the ISO definition of recycled

Sunseeker bikini recycled material identity is maintained in chain of custody

Identity of recycled material is maintained in the chain of custody

Sunseeker bikini containing higher percentages of recycled content

Products contain higher percentages of recycled content

By reclaiming and refashioning scrap material into high quality knitted textiles, every stitch of our swimwear aids in minimising waste generation and preserving space for the next generation. Choosing Sunseeker swimwear instead of swimwear made from new nylon helps to save the earth’s precious resources, one beautifully-made and consciously-bought swimsuit at a time.

Digital Printing

In digital printing, fabric runs through the printer at high speeds. Then, the printed fabric is steamed, washed, and dried in subsequent treatments. Compared with traditional printing methods, digital printing does not require usage and maintenance of patterned rotary screens.

Benefits of digital printing include:

Close up on digital printing of Sunseeker desert bloom bikini
Sharp and clear printed designs, accurately positioned patterns, and flexible choice of colour combinations
Close up on digital printing of Sunseeker shibori star bikini
Reduced water usage and fewer treatments as application of new colours do not require pre-wash treatments
Close up on digital printing of Sunseeker stencilled tropics bikini
Lower fixed costs as colour separation and screen etching are not required
Close up on digital printing of Sunseeker sunbleached stripes bikini
Shorter printing times for faster sampling and delivery
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