How To Take Killer Instagram Swimsuit Photos

29 Sep, 2021

Summer may be coming to an end soon but that doesn’t stop us from embracing the beach! If you love the beach, it’s natural that you’ll want to share photos of your experiences with your friends or remember your favorite moments in your cute beach outfits long after the Summer! However, posing in a bikini or your swimsuit can be a difficult thing to master.

Curious how Instagram influencers get their perfect swimsuit selfie? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Time to SLAY your Instagram game with our hacks and your Sunseeker swimwear!


#Leg Over the Other

This is a great pose to go for when you want to show off your swimsuit and the gorgeous scenery, it’ll also elongate the legs making you look taller and leaner!

#Back turned

The over-the-shoulder “glance back” works every time. We recommend trying this if your swimsuit has cute back details.

#Lean back on the ground

This pose is super simple (and maybe a little awkward) but all you have to do is lean all the way back, extend your legs forward and pose. Don’t forget to have your head backward just a bit to look relaxed!

#Twist your hips and create a triangle with your arms

Move your hips slightly sideways to the camera, and put your hand on your waist. This simple pose will make your hips bigger and your waist thinner.

#Keep your hands busy

Hands are a difficult part of the body to pose, so find a way to keep them busy. Some ideas are fixing the hair or adjusting the strap of a swimsuit.

#The “Pool Lean”

Leaning against something is particularly comfortable and will help create really relaxed shots. If you’re tired from your laps, then lean on the pool ledge and snap a shot!


#Look away shot

The looking away pose is the perfect Instagram pose for showing off your swimsuit as your outfit is shown predominantly in the picture.

Now get out there and take some stunning photos with your cute Sunseeker swimsuits!

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